Dr. Leslie Arwin's Anatomical T-shirts feature bones, muscles and other organs in accurate detail. As a physician, medical illustrator and anatomist, Dr. Arwin can assure you that her T-shirts are 100% anatomically correct.

Dr. Arwin is drawing an onion riding a motorcycle. Why? Find out at www.veggiecards.com

Dr. Arwin has a new line of wine cards. See them at www.grapecards.com.

Before she went to medical school, Dr. Arwin studied Medical Illustration and drew pictures for medical texts. She taught anatomy and life drawing at the University of Michigan at the University of Texas Medical School.

Dr. Arwin is Board Certified in Family Medicine and in Occupational Medicine. She works in Ann Arbor at the Veterans Hospital where she performs Compensation and Pension exams, helping veterans get compensation for injuries or illnesses they may have suffered while in military service. This gives her an opportunity to listen to fascinating stories from WW2 to Iraq, while allowing her to be a patient advocate.

Dr. Arwin first learned to draw at Cass Technical High School in Detroit. Each day after school, she worked at her parents' art gallery, The Arwin Galleries, where she was inspired by the creativity of the artists she met there. She now works on paintings in her spare time, between sending out T-shirt and VeggieCards orders and caring for veterans.

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